Discern-Time: A Brand-New Therapeutic Protocol

Perception Rehabilitation

“Know Thyself”

Trustworthy Therapeutic

Are you someone that gets easily carried away in your mind? Do you feel out of touch with your reality? Do you struggle to recognise your genuine emotions? Do you struggle to feel truly connected to your present moment and to your 5 senses? Do you wish that you could be more grounded in your bio-psycho-social life? Do you struggle to feel connected to others? If you answered yes, then I have the answer for you.

I have been developing a new approach called Unconditional Self-Love Clinical Approach. This method is scientifically built and involves also valid and innovate stages of understanding and therapeutic for perceptual rehabilitation. With this especific protocol I believe that you will regain your self-love and experience more joy with all intellect.

Perception Difficulties Protocol

What conditions can be treated and supported by this approach:

Mild to moderate emotional dysregulation

Autism Spectrum Disorder


Anxiety Disorders

Mood Disorders

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Dissociation Disorder

Mild Psychosis

Mild schizophrenia (with already medical follow-up by a mental health team)


With 8 + 1 (follow-up) sessions you will be able to retain the information required to maintain your newly achieved well-being. Each session will follow structured levels of psycho-education, beginning of implementation treatment stages, monitoring and self-mastery, and finally beginning of the holistic psychological integration. The follow-up session will allow you to measure your progress, and reiterate some important principles, or adjust the plan slightly if required. In addition it will involve:

  • Thorough psychological education on vital components of neurosciences, systemic theories and treatment of your perception of your singular reality and self-realization.
  • Learning about the perceptual healing stages, through gentle conversations about your views and other possible contributing factors to the way you think, feel and act.
  • Tailored homework involving innovative and fresh ideas in biophysics, psychological theories and singular needs.  
  • Revisiting understanding, checking progress and acquiring self-mastery.
  • Summary of learnt content and personal experience and follow-up agreement.
  •  Follow-up in 3 months to check in or sooner as per need.


The sessions are remotely and initially weekly. After the 6th we will be meeting every other week.


Contact to enquire.