Please join me on my workshop, and learn about a new methodology in psychology that has the purpose of teaching about unconditional self-love and biophysics psychology. Let me know if you have any questions. It is on 5th of December at 5pm. Only 5 pounds. Best wishes

Seeking an Assistant Psychologist

Hi, if you are interested in gaining non-clinical experience please consider contacting Dr Andreia Santo. She is attempting to develop a new clinical model, innovative research, and setting up collaborations with other services and projects. Another amazing project is to start developing a plan for a new charity. She can support you in exchange by providing you for free consultation and supervision. She is seeking individuals with relevant experience including undergraduate training, good skills in research methods, excellent understanding of psychology and philosophy, and some clinical experience is also desirable. If you are creative,. this is a strong point too, as outside of the box thinking is vital. Please submit your questions via the contact section. Thank you for taking the time to read this ad. This position is unpaid unfortunately. The interaction is remotely so you may need to allocate 4 hours max of your time per week.