Teens Space – Born on 27th of Feb 2021



Hi there! I am Dr Andreia Santo, and I am here to help you link the dots. As a teenager, I struggled to assert myself, to express without fear and to speak up in face of injustice. I think this was because I was trying too much to please others. Today I work as a clinical psychologist and I really love my profession, so I wish to contribute more with regard to increasing mental health awareness. I hope you like my tailored content, and hope that you remember your psychological wisdom and freedom as you absorb it.

Photo by Shamia Casiano on Pexels.com
Formation of Thought – Small Animation

A small animation about the formation of thoughts. I hope you appreciate the sophisticated simplicity of this illustration. Thoughts are created as you think them. As you allow them to pile up as bricks you build a wall. Joy does not require too much thinking, only nurturing yourself and having fun, and over-complicating your life.

We are like trees – Born to stand unique.

This is a small representation that when you embrace nature you become like it. Peaceful and spontaneous. Remember that simplicity is wisdom and also loving yourself unconditionally.


Have you noticed that your perception is flexible? For example, if I ask you to imagine an elephant on a bicycle riding along with a rainbow hat, can you do it? This is a silly example that reminds you that we are creators, and we create by using our imagination and words.

Dr Andreia Santo