Unconditional Self-Love Psychology Approach

Dr Andreia Santo has developed a therapeutic approach that enhances unconditional self-love. Dr Andreia believes that unconditional self-love is in our biophysics and constitutes our essence, and is where we can find all solutions.

She is now available to offer workshops and consultations to all age groups, individuals and professional sectors. She has created a program for group work that is suited to not only to health and emotional well-being sectors, but also to general businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Unconditional Self-Love Psychology Approach? 

This approach takes into consideration our ancestors history and our genetic and social evolution. It also speaks of our biology and physics, which are inherent to the processes and functioning of the mind thinking patterns and the emotional states. Interconnects our physical health and mental health, and further focus on how to unlock genuine creativity and positive singularity. Unconditional Self-Love Psychology Approach consists of an accumulation of understanding and practical tools that aim to increase self-awareness and deliberate mastery of own thinking, emotions and actions. Most people have forgotten that we, human beings, are predisposed to experience bio-psycho-social self-reliance and innately equipped to discover our well-being and solutions.

Is the Unconditional Self-Love Psychological Approach supported by evidence-based research? 

It is because it combines relevant scientific proven approaches. Dr Andreia is chartered and registered Clinical and Counselling Psychologist and post-graduated in Cognitive and Behaviour Therapy and Family and Systems Theory. She integrates varied theories in her teaching sessions and clinical work that have been validated by research. Dr Andreia also embraces Eastern philosophies in her work such as Buddhism and Mindfulness, which have also been recognised by science as useful. The innovative approach also embraces science in general. Dr Andreia Santo combines interesting available scientific findings such as physics and neurolinguistics, to enhance personal critical analyses through the identification of mental blocks and to promote a sense of connection with the natural world.

What are the new interesting aspects of this approach? 

The approach consists of mastering the understanding of personal freedom. The world social behaviour and expectations inadvertently demand a lot from individuals. This approach reminds individuals how to balance social expectations and pressure, in genuinely productive ways, without dismissing oneself’s desires, self-discovery and self-love. It looks deeper into the neuropsychology aspects of existence to promote a more comprehensive view of our psychological world. Dr Andreia named this Psychological Self-Reliant Model.

What are the principles of the Psychological Self-Reliance Model?

Human beings are innately predisposed to:

  1. Learn to prioritise oneself;
  2. Learn about our unconditional loving essence;
  3. Learn how to experience joy without feeling uneasy by realising your genuine desires;
  4. Become aware and immune to detrimental social/family influences;
  5. Experience inner-outer freedom through concepts identification and deconstruction (no fear of thinking negative thoughts);
  6. Increase connection with nature;
  7. Love all and to be compassionate.

How would this approach look like in a group or individual session?

Each session is unique and versatile. In the beginning, there is an initial space to learn the theory, after there will be space for questions related to applied knowledge and problem-solving exercises. The last stage is the facilitation of practical and unique tools, guided imagery and take-with-you prompts to accelerate your progress.

Does Dr Andreia Santo’s approach promote interactive and engaging conversations? 

The approach is meant to be experienced as being meaningful and unique for each person or group. Interactive and engaging conversations are at the root of her service. She welcomes questions, the sharing of knowledge and difficulties. Dr Andreia Santo offers 100% confidentiality.

If you wish to increase your unconditional self-love or of your loved ones, students or employees, please contact us.