Unconditional Self-Love

The words “self-love” and “unconditional self-love” are experienced by many as archaic or even not representing a priority. This is noticeable because what you hear the most on social media and on the television are not clearly those words. I use this terminology in my clinical practice because it is not only intertwined with the purpose of emotional healing and rehabilitation but also with ancient facts that few Masters of unconditional love and peace have tried to disseminate for millennium.

When you love yourself unconditionally you know that in every step of your way you will need to re-examine your heart and mind intentions, thoughts and actions. Unconditional self-love to me is a broader understanding that we are beyond words and meanings, it grounds me immediately to my entitlement of experiencing my own joy and to keep evolving without the fear of receiving judgement. There is much social anxiety on this planet, too much. This has been sustained, and the only thing that can reduce it is logic and authenticity.

Published by Dr Andreia Santo

Chartered Clinical and Counselling Psychologist HCPC Registered - based in Bedford, Bedfordshire, UK I offered 1-1 sessions therapy in Bedford and worldwide via Skype/Face-Time, phone and email.